Artists of Cochiti

Storytellers and Pottery

Pueblo de Cochiti is the birthplace of the Storyteller.  Constructed first by Mrs. Helen Cordero in the late 1970's, this traditional form of art work has been passed on to other artists within the Pueblo for generations.  Other pueblo artists (outside Cochiti) have also begun to take on this art form throughout the 19 pueblos.  Each artist offers their personal style to their particular pieces.  Pottery has also been passed on for generations within the Pueblo de Cochiti.  The Pueblo de Cochiti is home to world renowned artists in the storyteller making art.  Cochiti member storyteller can be seen throughout the world, including local airports, the White House, and in the homes of various celebrities.  Below is a list of the local potters and storyteller makers, along with some contact information (if available):

  • Josephine Arquero:  (505) 465-2934

  • Martha Arquero: (505) 465-2914                              

  • Mary O. Chalan:     (505) 465-2514

  • Dorothy Herrera

  • Ronald and Tommie Lewis:  (505) 465-2384

  • Virginia Naranjo:   (505) 465-2320

  • The Ortiz Family:  (505) 465-2939

  • Stephie Rhodes (Snowflake):  (505) 465-1509

  • Anthony and Vangie Suina:  (505) 465-2232

  • Myron and Dena Suina:  (505) 465-2144

  • Elizabeth Suina:  (505) 465-2418

  • Ada Suina:  (505) 465-0737

  • Leonard and Mary Trujillo:  (505) 465-2757

  • Elizabeth Trujillo: (505) 465-1503

  • Connie Valdo: (505) 465-2920


Oral history states that the Pueblo de Cochiti is known as the pueblo where all others obtained drums.  As so, the pueblo uses the drum as the official Pueblo de Cochiti Seal.  Drum making as most pueblo art is passed through the generations.  The Pueblo de Cochiti offers some of the top artists in the drum making industry.  Below is a list of the local artists, along with available contact information.

  • Marcus  and Glenn Chalan: (505) 465-2495

  • David Gordon:  (505) 465-2474

  • Gilbert Herrera (Red Bird):  (505) 465-2672

  • Steven Herrera:  (505) 465-2349

  • Tommy Herrera:  (505) 465-0138

  • Guadalupe Ortiz:  (505) 465-2939

  • Gabriel Trujillo:  (505) 465-2712


The Pueblo de Cochiti is home to various jewelers.  These individuals specialize in various types of jewelry including turquoise, silver, obsidian, and others.  Below is a list of the local jewelers and their available contact information:

  • Cippy Crazyhorse:  (505) 465-2375

  • Felicita Eustace:  (505) 465-0838

  • James Eustace:  (505) 465-0399

  • Edwin Herrera

Other Crafts

Artists specializing in other crafts include painters (scenic and traditional, beadwork, leather craft, and stone craft.  Below is a listing of these artists ant their craft, along with available contact information:

  • Delphino Herrera - Painter, Beadwork, Leather Crafts: (505) 465-2859

  • Virgil Ortiz - Painter: (505) 465-2939

  • Salvador Romero - Painter, Stone Craft: (505) 465-2583

  • Theodore Suina - Painter: (505) 465-0367



The Pueblo de Cochiti is home to various types of artists, male and female, including, potters, storyteller makers, drum makers, jewelers, painters, and other crafts people who take great pride in offering quality art work for the collector, window shopper, and or average person who just appreciates quality art work.  As is the case in most pueblos throughout New Mexico art work and crafts has been and is passed on through generations.  Most of the local Cochiti Artists work directly out of their own homes and or studios.  There work can be seen throughout the local galleries and curio shops in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  Some artists have become world renowned and their work can be seen throughout the country.  Listed are the artists of Cochiti Pueblo and their acquired trades.  The artists have varying schedules, methods of sale, methods of show, and other management practices.  It is recommended that a call be placed to the artist  or artists to view work and or conduct business.  Most artists offer wholesale pricing on the reservation, and can special order pieces to fit your needs. 

These artists and the Pueblo de Cochiti have experienced "Fraud" and or false advertisement from individuals claiming association and or membership to the Pueblo de Cochiti to sell their own crafts.  It is the goal of the Pueblo de Cochiti to advise the public of these frauds with a list of local artists.   The Pueblo de Cochiti is proud to be the home of these quality artists and hopes that this ensures you as the consumer have a quality product and buying experience from a authentic "Cochiti Artist" .